I am a content creator.

I am data sold to ad agencies.

You are making all the money.

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We have a plan to make Facebook pay up for all of the unpaid labor we do each day for it. We collectively spend 700 billion minutes on Facebook each month, generating valuable content that drives advertising revenue and helps Facebook and other companies target us better with goods and services.

In 3 steps, we can bring Facebook to the negotiating table and demand better for digital citizens.

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Step 1: Tell your friends!

Let them know that while you’re consuming Facebook, it’s consuming you! And packaging up nearly every piece of information you (freely) give it and selling that data to its advertising partners so they can better target you with ads.

Facebook even allows third-parties, like Acxiom Corporation, to harvest all your personal data and use it to help track you and your preferences as you surf the web.

This is big money for a few rich guys like Mark Zuckerberg ($6 million a day!), and nothing for the millions of us who generate this content. And that’s not fair.

If you agree, join us below so we can amp up the pressure and move into Step 2!




Step 2: Once we reach a critical mass of Facebook users, we can leverage our unity to bring Facebook to the negotiating table.

We’ll do this by a tried-and-true method of the U.S. labor movement: the #FACEBOOKSTRIKE.

Think about it: Facebook has less than 6,000 employees, but over 1 billion users. If Facebook’s employees take the day off work, we might not get any new features for a day. But if we stop generating content – likes, comments, status updates, photos, events, you name it! – the Facebook factory shuts downs. Completely.

When we get to the table, our demand will be simple: we want small micropayments for our contributions to the network, based upon the originality and virality of our content, just like a referral service. These micropayments will add up for the most active Facebook users, compensating us for the valuable work we do to keep your $100 billion company running strong and acting as a natural incentive for us to keep it going and growing!

get paid


Step 3: Get paid!

We’ll rejoice in knowing that our digital labor is valued for what it’s really worth, and we can all celebrate the birth of a New Economy of real, honest two-way digital information exchange.

Long live digital democracy!

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PayMeFacebook respects your privacy. We will not sell or share your personal information with anyone, especially not Acxiom Corporation or Emotive LLC. We will use it only to reach out to you about this growing campaign!

The Facts

FACT: Facebook users spend over 700 BILLION MINUTES on Facebook each month.*


FACT: Facebook has less than 6,000 paid employees, but over 1 BILLION contributing content creators.**


FACT: Facebook, Inc. is valued at over $100 BILLION.***


FACT: Facebook sells your personal data to other companies, & together they profit between $5-$1200 per person per year.****